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Shipbuilding industry

Safety and innovation in shipbuilding

BLS takes new routes in bringing protection and innovation to the marine body industry

The world of shipbuilding is notoriously challenging, requiring not only technical mastery, but also a focus on safety and operator protection. BLS Group is approaching the industry determined to offer the maximum level of protection in this area as well. Using our established expertise in respiratory protective equipment, we are committed to introducing innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of this dynamic and challenging industry.

Safety at work is a top priority for BLS. Our respiratory protective devices aim to be a benchmark for protection against threats in the working environment, providing reliable and comfortable protection for operators during boat maintenance and repair activities.



Working in a shipyard exposes one to different respiratory health risks because materials such as resins, adhesives, paints and fibreglass are used, which can release vapours, gases, fumes or dust.
If inhaled, these substances can cause irritation, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, fibrosis and other notorious respiratory diseases. In addition, poor ventilation, high temperatures, humidity and low oxygen can occur in shipyards, which can further impair respiratory and cognitive function.

In order to prevent and reduce these risks, a series of safety measures must be adopted, which concern both the organisation of work and the individual protection of workers. Among these measures, the first is to always wear a protective mask.



To help operators work safely and efficiently, we have created a comprehensive guide to safety and protection. This resource provides practical advice and guidelines for the correct use of our protective equipment, ensuring optimal protection in every situation.

In addition to the vademecum, a new catalogue will be published, entirely dedicated to respiratory protection in the shipbuilding industry, offering a wide selection of protective equipment designed to meet the specific needs of the sector.


To underline our commitment in this area, we are proud to announce our partnership with renowned sailor Giovanni Soldini. Together, we share a common commitment to safety and innovation in sailing. BLS Group will supply respiratory protective equipment to ensure the safety of the entire team of operators involved in the construction of Soldini's new boat.

This collaboration embodies our shared values of protection, technological innovation and commitment to a sustainable system.


Our partnership with Giovanni Soldini represents a step towards a safer and more sustainable future for the entire shipping industry. Together, we are committed to promoting a culture of safety at work and to developing innovative solutions that protect the health and well-being of operators. Through innovation and a commitment to protection, BLS Group is determined to lead this transformation and ensure a safe working environment for all those who work in the shipbuilding industry.

In this journey towards the new frontiers of shipbuilding, BLS Group's mission is to offer maximum protection to those involved in ship maintenance and repair. With confidence and passion, we prepare to sail towards a horizon full of opportunities and successes for the entire shipbuilding industry.


Stay informed
Stay safe.


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