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Focus | BLS 5000 Series

Focus | BLS 5000 series: high strength combined with comfort

BLS 5000 series full face masks in Universal and B-lock versions are designed to offer maximum protection without compromising on comfort and convenience.


BLS 5000 full face mask is available in two variants: BLS 5000 b-lock with bayonet connection and BLS 5000 Universal with Universal connection. Both versions are available with thermoplastic or silicone face seal.



The series has new features that make the protection experience even more effective and enjoyable:

  • Available in three sizes in the silicone version: the silicone models are available in three different sizes to perfectly suit all face types
  • Phonic membrane in Silicone version: an aluminium layer inside the breathing unit of the device enables voice transmission.
  • Upgrade to Universal Series Class 3: masks rated Class 3 offer greater resistance to radiant heat and flame and can be used for firefighting.
  • Modification of the inner oronasal: made of soft but tough thermoplastic material that is easy to dismantle and maintain.

Beyond this the pre-existing characteristics remain present:

The bayonet connection (B-Lock) continues to ensure quick and secure attachment to the mask, with a closing feedback that ensures the correct positioning of the filter. This system not only enhances user convenience but also improves weight distribution on the mask and widens the field of view thanks to the double filter. Regarding the universal connection (Universal), it remains compliant with EN 148-1 standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of respiratory protective devices.


The anti-fogging system, integrated into our masks, continues to be designed to prevent fogging by controlling internal airflow, avoiding the use of surface treatments that could deteriorate over time. The scratch-resistant visor, with optical class 1 (EN 166), offers a distortion-free panoramic view and increased durability over time thanks to the anti-scratch treatment. Lastly, the six-point harness (Komfort) of the BLS 5000 series ensures precise adjustment by evenly distributing pressure on the face, ensuring optimal comfort even during prolonged use.


These consolidated features reflect BLS's commitment to providing high-quality DPI masks that meet the safety and comfort needs of our customers.



The models in this series

Three models are available in the b-lock version:
BLS 5600: thermoplastic rubber face seal
BLS 5700: silicone face seal
BLS 5700/C: silicone face seal and integrated hood.*
The acid-proof hood covers head, shoulders and upper torso preventing contaminant penetration. Resistant to 98.5% sulphuric acid permeation.

Two models are available in the Universal version:
BLS 5150: thermoplastic rubber face seal
BLS 5400: silicone face seal



The full b-lock series masks are compatible with the BLS 200 series filters, while the Universal series can be used with the BLS 400 series filters.


Log on to the product page BLS 5000 b-lock and BLS 5000 universal to download the datasheets and find all the details you need.

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