december 22, 2021 BLS vi augura buone feste

In 2021 we accomplished incredible results together. This is how at BLS we want to remember this year.

december 16, 2021 Agenti biologici

A biological agent is any micro-organism, even if genetically modified, cell culture and human endoparasite that could cause infection, allergy or intoxication.

december 9, 2021 PAPR

BLS 2600 next PAPR is an assisted ventilation system to be used with a full face mask and dust filter. It provides the user with filtered ambient air and thanks to the constant air flow and the absence of respiratory effort, it is the ideal solution for heavy-duty use.

november 25, 2021 2021 advertising campaign

Our 2021 advertising campaign is dedicated to safety in the workplace, which has always been BLS core business and now not just this.

november 18, 2021 Fit Test

What is a Fit Test and how does it work? A Fit Test is a leak test necessary to assess the effectiveness (and safety) of a respiratory protective device.

november 15, 2021 BLS Webinar

The webinar, held by BLS Iberia in collaboration with Formación en Seguridad Laboral, will cover the differences between different PPE and the importance of the Fit-Test.

november 11, 2021 Dangerous substances

What are the substances to be protected against? Dangerous chemical agents can induce more or less serious harmful effects (intoxication, occupational disease, death) on the body affected by their action.

november 9, 2021 BLS Webinar

Below is the calendar with the appointments of the new webinars, organized in collaboration with EPC Editore, in which we will discuss the risks that the respiratory tract runs in two specific areas of work.

november 5, 2021 ACTIEF KOOL

What are activated carbons? What are they used for? Activated carbon can be in granular form (Granular activated carbon, GAC) or powdered form (Powdered activated carbon, PAC) and is characterised by a high absorption power: the presence of activated carbon in respiratory protective devices is essential to retain toxic gases or vapours and unpleasant odours, because it allows the user to work without exhaling them.

november 3, 2021 2021 A+A exhibition

The 37th A+A Trade Fair for Occupational Safety and Health in Düsseldorf, Germany, ended a few days ago.

oktober 27, 2021 Narvalo Active Shield

We are extremely proud to announce in partnership with Narvalo, an innovative start-up and spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Milan and POLIHUB, a new technology that will revolutionize the way you work.

oktober 19, 2021 The air we breathe

Air is the resource used by each of us and its quality is our responsibility. If air is not visible, it does not mean that it is not there; on the contrary, it has a composition, a weight and a measure. Air is indispensable for survival and our health depends on its quality, but air is also a symbol of life and freedom, it exists, it surrounds us, it envelops us every day of our lives.

oktober 13, 2021 A+A 2021

A+A Fair 2021 | We look forward to seeing you at our stand!

september 20, 2021 BLS loves Art 2021

Cheer with us with the colors of the Blue team We at BLS, like all Italians, will follow the exploits of our Italian athletes with passion.

juli 21, 2021 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Cheer with us with the colors of the Blue team We at BLS, like all Italians, will follow the exploits of our Italian athletes with passion.

juli 9, 2021 BLS 8000next: the new ready-to-use half mask is now available

The new half mask BLS 8000next combines the simplicity of disposable products with the high protection of the reusable ranges.

juni 24, 2021 BLS medical webinar

Below is the calendar with the appointments of the new webinars in which we will discuss workplace safety in the medical field: Thursday June 10th, 11am-12pm Respiratory protection in the medical field: BLS services and regulations After a brief presentation of the BLS reality, as an Italian company specialized for over 50 years in the production of respiratory protection devices, we will analyze the EN 149 standard regarding filtering facepieces, with the relative practical tests of use, as well as the difference between personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical device (DM). Speaker: Stefano Zanetti (Business Development Manager Medical Division)

juni 23, 2021 New BLS branches

In BLS Group European team, which already saw Italy, Spain and the Netherlands lined up, France and Germany could not be missing. Opening two new offices BLS France in Neyron (FR) and BLS Germany in Mönchengladbach (DE), our presence in Europe is expanding, increasing our competitiveness on the global market.

maart 19, 2021 Red Dot Award for Narvalo Urban Active Mask

maart 8, 2021 "Everyone has the right to a safe job” adv campaign

“Everyone has the right to a safe job”: this is the message of our new adv campaign, with a double goal: raising awareness of the importance of a stable job, especially in this period of uncertainty caused by the health emergency, but also with regards to the safety and protection of each single worker in the workplace, the main focus of our company. Created in collaboration with Nicama&Kes agency, the multi-channel campaign has been on air since February with adv pages, contents on social networks and spaces in technical and sector newspapers and magazines. The campaign will also become international, reaching the main European countries, such as: France, with PIC magazine, Spain with Formacion en Seguridad Laboral magazine, Germany, with PPF Magazine, as well as on Health & Safety International Magazine's circuit.

februari 21, 2021 February 2020 - February 2021: a year that has changed us - BLS

Covid19 almost reached us - coming 60 kilometres from our company - on 21 February 2020. And from then on our life was changed forever. 2020 was, for us, a year on the frontline of the Covid19 emergency. During the Coronavirus pandemic, we changed from a “niche” company to being at the centre of a production system of essential goods for the protection of people's health: thanks to machines designed and engineered internally, and to the synergies with universities and market partners, we have always been able to have a competitive production, even with respect to China. All this without increasing the prices of our facemask, supplying hospitals, old people’s homes and law enforcement, supporting various associations with the donation of over 40 thousand masks.

januari 1, 2021 Partnerships with Assosistema and Fondazione Politecnico (Polytechnic Foundation)

BLS starts 2021 becoming part of the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, and joining ASSOSISTEMA Confindustria (in the "Safety at work/Safety" section): “We are proud of being part of two of the most important trade associations that will support us in our path and allow us to be more and more positioned and planted into the territory, to continue to make the most of our research work and collaboration with local organizations, to build a safe future," comments Pier Paolo Zani, CEO of BLS.

december 25, 2020 Christmas video

Our Merry Christmas is a smile that comes out of a mask. From all of us, Best Wishes.

november 27, 2020 BLS Webinars

The calendar with our webinars dealing with safety in the workplace is as follows: Friday 27th of November, 11.45-12.45 Filtering facemasks: EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard and related products with areas of use After a short presentation on BLS, an Italian company specialized in the production respiratory protection devices for 50 years, we will look in depth at the EN 149 standard concerning filtering facemasks and their areas of use, introducing BLS’ mono-use devices.

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