enero 17, 2023 Intersec 2023

BLS is at Expoprotection 2022! The international event in France for all risk management markets. This year's edition hosts almost 800 exhibitors and over 20,000 buyers and professional designers. This is the ideal opportunity to launch our first IoT mask. Visit us to find out more. We are at stand 1T062.

enero 12, 2023 January events | What's next

January Events Check out this month's BLS events Jan. 17-19 INTERSEC 2023 Dubai, Emirates

diciembre 23, 2022 BLS vi augura buone feste

We sincerely thank all the people who supported us and wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.

diciembre 21, 2022 2022 BLS & Yamaha Motor Racing partnership

2023 is just around the corner and BLS Group cannot help but celebrate the past year by sharing highlights of the partnership forged with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team from February 2022. Which one has impressed you the most?

diciembre 13, 2022 2022 BLS events Recap

Are you sure you didn't miss anything this 2022? This is how BLS would like to remember this year's events, which saw the participation in 12 international trade fairs in 7 different countries, the launch of a new communication campaign and the support of artistic events such as Urban Giants.

noviembre 25, 2022 Virus

What distinguishes viruses from bacteria? Why are they so different? Viruses are among the smallest subjects in biology and it is not clear whether they can be included among true living beings. They consist of aggregates of biological material, lead an obligatory parasitic life and are agents of numerous diseases in animals, plants and bacteria. Viruses are so small that they fall within the definition of nanoparticles.

noviembre 22, 2022 Focus | Serie BLS 4000next

BLS 4000next series – one of our best seller reusable devices BLS 4000next half-mask is a reusable device for nose and mouth protection with b-lock connection. Disassembled and reassembled in less than 1 minute, it facilitates cleaning and maintenance after each use. It is available in two sizes and two materials and is equipped to protect everyone's breathing from gases, vapours and toxic particulates. Don't miss all its opportunities.

noviembre 15, 2022 Expoprotection 2022

BLS is at Expoprotection 2022! The international event in France for all risk management markets. This year's edition hosts almost 800 exhibitors and over 20,000 buyers and professional designers. This is the ideal opportunity to launch our first IoT mask. Visit us to find out more. We are at stand 1T062.

noviembre 10, 2022 Donning Instructions | BLS 500 series

Do you know how to wear this device correctly? Try to find it out with BLS Donning Instructions! Let's talk about BLS 500 series products, our non-valved filtering facepieces, ideal for protecting you and the others against solid and/or liquid non-volatile particles (dust, fumes, mists).

noviembre 7, 2022 Champions in Safety | Final GP 2022

Yesterday's race in Valencia concluded 2022 season of MotoGP championship. Quartararo emerges as the official vice champion for 2022. BLS and the entire Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team are proud of Quartararo's outstanding commitment to 2022 racing, confirming him as an incredible MotoGP talent.

noviembre 2, 2022 November events | What's next

November Events Check out this month's BLS events Nov. 15-17 EXPOPROTECTION 2022 Paris, France

octubre 25, 2022 Focus | Serie BLS 500

BLS 500 series - the highly breathable filtering masks. The breathing resistance is comparable to that of a surgical mask, making breathing very comfortable. For all no-valve filtering facepieces, a low level of breathing resistance is a key feature and a no-negligible strength, because only in this way the user can reduce the fatigue during use.

octubre 20, 2022 Covid-19 e DPI

From January 2020 until today, the steps and measures to prevent Sars-Cov-2 infection have changed frequently, progressively changing the relationship of citizens with this new virus. On June 30th 2022, a new protocol was issued that identified surgical masks as no longer proper to contain the infection.

octubre 19, 2022 FISP 2022

BLS is at Fisp 2022! The biennial reference event in Brazil for health and safety in the workplace. Now in its 23rd edition, this year the fair will host around 700 companies and 50,000 visitors at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Come and visit us. We are at stand 500-529.

octubre 14, 2022 Awarness month

Did you know that October is the month of prevention? Throughout Italy, this month is dedicated to cancer prevention and, in particular, breast cancer, which is the most frequently diagnosed neoplastic disease in the entire population and the leading cause of death from cancer in women. It is also the month of awareness, because it emphasises the importance of always protecting individual health. Prevention and safety are themes dear to BLS, which has been dedicated to protecting everyone's health for over 50 years.

octubre 11, 2022 Bacteria

Do you know the risks associated with poor indoor air quality (IAQ)? IAQ can be affected by microbial contaminants such as fungi and bacteria, suspended particles, gases and any other elements that can create negative health conditions. Pathogenic bacteria are responsible worldwide for diseases and consequences even on an epidemic scale. They spread through air, water and soil.

octubre 7, 2022 Donning Instructions | BLS 3000 series

Wearing PPE correctly is important for maximum effectiveness and best product performance. We show you how to wear our BLS 3000 full-face masks with universal connection EN 148-1, for use with BLS 400 series filters that protect against gases/vapours and toxic particulates. 

octubre 5, 2022 Safety & Health at Work 2022

BLS is at Safety & Health @ Work 2022! The biennial landmark event in The Netherlands for occupational health and safety. For the occasion the Rotterdam Ahoy hosts more than 120 suppliers: for the sixth time, Safety&Health@Work in Rotterdam Ahoy is the premier event for 3500 professionals who share the priority of working in healthy and safe conditions. Come and visit us. We are at stand 3-106.

octubre 4, 2022 October events | What's next

October events Discover this month's BLS events October 5th-6th SAFETY&HEALTH @ WORK 2022 Rotterdam, The Netherlands ---- October 18th-20th FISP 2022 São Paulo, Brasil

septiembre 29, 2022 Yamaha VR46 | The Master Camp

Are you familiar with Yamaha VR46 Master Camp project? Now in its 10th edition, The Master Camp is an initiative created in 2016 by Yamaha and VR46 Academy to develop new talents in motorcycling. As an official partner of the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team, BLS has supplied the entire team of Yamaha VR46 Master Camp with limited edition FFP2 protective masks.

septiembre 27, 2022 Préventica Lyon 2022

BLS is at Préventica Lyon 2022. Lyon, France, September 27th-29th, 2022

septiembre 21, 2022 Focus | Serie BLS 3000

BLS 3000 series - the full face mask with universal connection. BLS 3000 series full-face masks are available with an EPDM face seal. They are characterised by the high protection factor they provide when used in combination with EN148-1 universal connection filters (BLS 400 series) that protect against gases/vapours and toxic particulates.

septiembre 20, 2022 Safety Expo 2022

BLS is at Safety Expo 2022. Bergamo, Italy, September 21st-22nd, 2022

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