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BLS Zer0

BLS Zer0 - when maximum protection feels like freedom

BLS Zer0 is our cupped filtering facepiece with maximum protection and minimum breathing resistance.

In 1970, BLS started its manufacturing career with cup filtering facepieces. BLS Zer0 is more than just a disposable device for us: it is the Ground Zero from which everything started. An adventure that from a Milan of manufacturers, in the industrial district of Bovisa, has led us to grow in Spain and become one of Europe's largest producers, with partners and branches all over the world.


BLS Zer0 is recognisable and iconic.

Its colours speak of design and convey functionalities. Nothing is created by chance. The models with the light valve provide filtration from particulates with a strictly FFP3 protection class. The models with the black valve not only protect against particulates but also against acid, organic and ozone gases or vapours, for when the games get tough.


Quality can be seen here.

Dust mists and fumes constitute the various types of particulates from which it is essential to protect ourselves in order to breathe safely. If inhaled, nanoparticles (between 1 and 100 nanometres in size) can cross cell membranes and reach all internal organs, causing even serious damage, as they are difficult for the human body to evacuate. Protection from these substances takes place mainly by means of two filtration principles:

  • mechanical, by means of a filtering material that is able to block their entry;
  • electrostatic, which acts more effectively on smaller particles that are attracted and retained by the material's charge.


BLS Zer0 is CE certified.

BLS Zer0 guarantees maximum protection from particulates up to 10 years, certified according to European standard EN 149:2001 + A1:2009. This standard indicates FFP3 as the adequate protection against a maximum concentration of dust in the air 50 times greater than the legally defined exposure limit value (TLV).


With BLS Zer0 you breathe better than with an FFP1.

Discover the Eolo technology.

The exhalation valve mounted on the Zer0 uses BLS's Eolo technology, which, thanks to its mechanical design, drastically reduces breathing resistance and allows 30% more air to pass through it than conventional valves, concentrating it at two points of maximum opening.



What do we mean by respiratory resistance?

Respiratory resistance corresponds to the effort required by the user of a PPE when inhaling and exhaling air. The exhalation valve is essential in order to facilitate the escape of the air accumulated inside the mask, so as not to fatigue the user and to maintain the necessary freshness and comfort.


Not just elastic bands.

BLS pays special attention to the type of elastic bands used. The effectiveness of filtering face masks is only guaranteed if its edges adhere perfectly to the face. If there is a lack of adherence, protection is compromised due to contaminated air entering the device. This is why our elastics are nape-type: by anchoring at two strategically distant points (neck and nape of the neck) they ensure the correct tension between the edges of the device and the face.

BLS Zer0 offers a wide range of choice, from rubber elastics to fabric elastics, from welded elastics to adjustable elastics.

Choose the one best suited to your needs.


We have been producing breath-size freedom since 1970.
Choose BLS.




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