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    Narvalo Active Shield

    The future is now

    The new electronic valve for you daily protection


    We are extremely proud to announce in partnership with Narvalo, an innovative start-up and spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Milan and POLIHUB, a new technology that will revolutionize the way you work.


    A winning match

    It was a winning match that took place among the different production realities of BLS, PoliHub and Narvalo, which allowed the IDEATION, IMPLEMENTATION and LAUNCH of a change technology for the respiratory protection products' world.

    NARVALO was born among the desks of the School of Design of the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2018, thanks to the vision of the young Dutch-born designer Ewoud Westerduin and the Professor of the Department of Design, Venanzio Arquilla. It subsequently developed over years of research and work, transforming itself into what it is today: a young startup, a spin-off of the Polytechnic University of Milan.

    POLIHUB, as an incubator of the Polytechnic University of Milan, made this development possible through the "Switch to Product" initiative, which accompanied Narvalo through the creation of its first product prototypes. This Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator, managed by the University's foundation, is geared towards a model of sustainable progress that seeks value for society and the economy through the Milan Polytechnic's ecosystem.

    We at BLS have entered the game as an established industrial reality, with the aim of collaborating in the actual realization of the product, as experts in the field of personal respiratory protective equipment manufacturing for more than 50 years.


    Take your breathing experience to a new level, improve your comfort, give yourself the feeling of not wearing a mask.


    Active Shield Technology

    The result of this innovative technology is to be able to offer a product of the highest quality, which protects the breath and implements comfort in new ways. In fact, Active Shield is an IoT valve compatible with the Narvalo Urban Mask and the BLS Zer0 32 and is designed to adapt production to new standards of protection and comfort.


    With Active Shield, the feeling of freshness is incomparable, as it reduces the moisture inside the mask and extracts the CO2 produced during breathing, ensuring freshness during use.


    With this technology, breathing COMFORT is prolonged over time for several reasons:

    • because the presence of fresh air inside the mask is guaranteed even in environments with a high external temperature;
    • because the user feels less fatigue after using the device, improving continuity between shifts;
    • because it increases concentration during working hours, which also reduces accidents.

    But how does this new valve work?

    Active Shield, located at the front of the mask, is able to constantly optimise the internal airflow by reducing the accumulation of heat, humidity and especially CO2, thanks to the presence of SENSORS capable of monitoring data on the respiratory performance of the wearer.

    This intelligent fan can be set to different operating modes to adapt, through the data processed by the sensors, to the most suitable speed for the breathing pattern.


    Come and discover the new Active Shield electronic valve with us at the A+A fair in Düsseldorf, stand 9C40, until October 29th!


    This project conceals once again our technical-productive drive, which has now become an imperative of fundamental importance for everyone: the objective of pursuing a cleaner world, more breathable air and greater freedom to live one's life in the name of SUSTAINABILITY. We embrace the Narvalo philosophy as well, whose name also describes its business idea:

    "a direct reference to a cetacean that guides and protects itself with its long tusk: thus the mask, with its iconic beak, becomes today an increasingly necessary element to defend against harmful agents in the air".



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