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Aanpakinstructie | BLS 5000-serie

Donning instructions | BLS 5000 Series

Wearing PPE in the correct way is crucial for maximum effectiveness and best product performance.

The purpose of personal respiratory protection is to defend the wearer from harmful substances or pathogens in the air.
Before using it, it is essential to receive adequate training on the correct method of wearing. It is also important to ensure that the wearer is not exposed to harmful substances or pathogens in the air.


BLS 5000 series

We therefore present below the instructions for correctly donning the BLS 5000 Series, our full-face mask designed to offer reliable and comfortable protection. Equipped with bayonet or universal connection, this series ensures optimal adaptability to different work contexts.







The BLS 5000 Series face seal is made from high-quality materials, available in either thermoplastic rubber or silicone, both FDA-certified for maximum safety and durability. The silicone oronasal offers superior performance and durability, providing an optimal airtight seal to protect the user from harmful agents in the working environment. To ensure a clear and distortion-free vision, the mask is equipped with an optical class 1 (EN 166) visor. In addition, the integrated anti-fog system prevents fogging inside the mask, ensuring constant visibility even in adverse environmental conditions.

If you would like to discover all the features and benefits of this series, please read the article focus on the BLS 5000 series.

To ensure effective protection, it is essential to carefully follow the instructions for use and to take the recommended safety measures.

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Log on to the product page BLS 5000 b-lock and BLS 5000 universal to download the datasheets and find all the details you need.

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