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Focus | Active Shield

Focus | Active Shield

The innovative air extraction valve for FFP3 masks developed by Narvalo with BLS and POLIHUB ensures optimal breathing comfort.

The innovative and quality-oriented approach of BLS

BLS emphasises innovation and collaboration with partners who share its values of quality and safety. It invests in research and development to anticipate emerging safety and sustainability needs.

His autonomy in engineering and production management, together with his collaboration with academic institutions such as the Politecnico di Milano, led him to invest in the start-up Narvalo, focused on the design of advanced protective masks.

Narvalo aims to revolutionize respiratory protective equipment by raising public awareness of air quality and its impact on health. BLS, a long-time supporter of collaboration between academia and manufacturing, has therefore decided to support Narvalo by providing its extensive experience in the field.

The Narvalo project, the brainchild of a young designer and supported by the Politecnico di Milano, aims to develop a protective mask for smog and other urban pollutants with a filtering capacity superior to a standard FFP3, Made in Italy design and production, and a integrated IoT technology capable of communicating with a dedicated app, which simultaneously monitors both the user's respiratory performance and the quality of the surrounding air, building a connected ecosystem.

From this ambition comes the Active Shield device that integrates a smart fan that automatically regulates the airflow inside the mask, ensuring optimal comfort and reducing the build-up of heat and humidity. On-board sensors provide crucial data on breathing performance, communicating directly with a smartphone via a dedicated app. This collaboration allows BLS to offer products compatible with the innovative technology developed by Narvalo, confirming BLS as a pioneer in product and process innovation.


Active Shield: features and benefits


Breathing comfort: Active Shield ensures constant optimisation of airflow inside the filtering facepiece, reducing the build-up of carbon dioxide, moisture and heat. An incredible feeling of freshness is experienced during use.

Less fatigue, more focus: Ensuring maximum breathing comfort, the Active Shield exhalation valve reduces fatigue and helps users focus better on their activities.

Adaptive Speed:The product's operation is driven by an internally developed algorithm that, thanks to a pressure sensor, activates the fan when the user breathes, and deactivates it when the DPI is not in use.

Smart activation: the product activates automatically, detecting the breathing of the person wearing it.

Battery Optimised: The fan speed automatically adapts to the breathing frequency, optimising battery life.




BLS Zer0 32 Active

From the need to provide maximum protection with the benefits of Active Shield for workers comes the Zer0 32 Active series: the FFP3 cupped filtering masks with Active Shield electronic valve.

The added value of greater comfort is the first objective; in addition, an app is being developed that integrates the comfort provided by the valve with a valuable function: the app, connected to the AS via BTS technology, is able to track the use of the mask disposable during the work shift.

There are many areas where the use of this series is recommended.

    • Construction sector: Workers in the construction sector are exposed to dust from materials such as cement, sand, stone or wood. The use of the Active Shield exhalation valve helps to protect workers in this sector from the harmful effects of airborne dust, by maintaining a more comfortable environment inside the filter mask during long working hours.
    • Automotive industry: In the automotive industry, during painting, sanding or welding activities, dust and fumes harmful to respiratory health may be present. The use of the FFP3 PPE mask in combination with the Active Shield exhalation valve helps to protect workers from such pollutants, by improving airflow and reducing the feeling of heat and moisture inside the mask.
    • Agricultural sector: In agricultural departments, during tillage, animal handling or fertiliser handling activities, organic dust or allergenic substances may be present. The FFP3 PPE FFP3 mask with the Active Shield valve can provide effective protection from these particles, while ensuring adequate ventilation.
    • Food industry:In food production environments, such as bakeries, butchers or food processors, the Active Shield exhalation valve can protect users from organic particles or airborne allergens.
    • Maintenance sector: In the professional cleaning sector, where people work in different environments, such as offices, hotels, commercial or industrial facilities, the mask with integrated Active Shield valve can be used to protect operators from dust and airborne particles during activities.

This innovative solution, which combines technology with disposable respirators, demonstrates BLS Group's dedication to research and development to such an extent that it won, with this product the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award 2023 in the respiratory PPE sector.


Go to the product page BLS Zer0 32 Active or Narvalo Active Shield to download the datasheets and find all the details you are looking for, and watch the product video.

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