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BLS Universal Connection 148-1

BLS 400 series

Play it safe and try BLS filters with universal connection. The threaded connection is standardized according to EN 148-1 and is compatible with other respiratory protective devices on the market.


It lacks nothing: what are you waiting for to try it out?

With BLS 400 universal connection filter series you are protected against dust, organic and inorganic gases and vapours, ammonia and its derivatives, acid gases and sulphur dioxide, mercury vapours, nitrous gases and carbon monoxide.

All this because you can choose the type of protection that suits you the best from filters against particulates, gases and vapours, or combined.


This BLS series is also compatible with the single filter series of BLS SGE46 half mask, BLS 5000 and BLS 3000 full face masks.


What's the color of your protection?

European standards EN 143 and EN 14387:2004+A1:2008 define protection against dust, gases and vapours on the basis of 10 types of contaminants which correspond to as many identification colours.

To safeguard against contaminants as gases and vapours, an active carbon filter is required, which is suitably treated to selectively adsorb the different substances. Activated carbon is characterised by its high porosity, which allows gases and vapours to be trapped on its internal surfaces, which are treated differently depending on the protection for one or more specific groups of substances. The table shows the different types of gases and vapours to be protected against, such as "A", "B", "E", "K", "AX", "Hg", "NO", "CO", "Reaktor".



And then there is protection from particulate matter, labelled "P", which is filtered by a pleated fabric that provides a larger filtering surface area and reduces respiratory fatigue.


Every protection has its own colur.

What is yours?


Why are some filters in this series not compatible with half masks?

BLS 400 series filters are mono-filter because they are designed to be compatible with all PPE with the same connection. In some cases they can weigh more than 300g, which means that they are not suitable for mounting on half-masks, such as the BLS SGE46, which only guarantees optimal comfort and tightness with filters weighing less.

The filters weighing more than 300g in this series are BLS 423 ABE2P3 R, BLS 425 ABEK2P3 R, BLS 430 ABEK2HgP3 R and BLS 441 ABEK2HgNOCOP3 R and you can use them with BLS 5000 and BLS 3000 series full face masks.


Choose the colour of your protection
Choose BLS




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