BLS 200 b-lock

Filters with bayonet connection
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Bayonet connection (b-lock)
This connection is very intuitive, it allows a fast and safe fastening of the mask. It has a locking mechanism that allows the user to know if the filter has been placed correctly.

Activated carbons
The quality of the activated carbons used by BLS for the filtration of gases and vapours meets high standards of safety ensuring excellent filtration performances. They are produced without toxic additives such as Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI) and they are food grade certified (REGVE231/2017). 

Tested against formaldehyde
BLS has carried out specific NIOSH tests in an accredited Laboratory to verify the penetration of Formaldehyde in its carbons used for the ABEK and ABE filters.

Colour codes
A Organic gases and vapours with boiling point > 65 ° C
AX Organic gases and vapours with boiling point ≤ 65 ° C
B Inorganic gases and vapours (e.g. chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide)
E Acid gases and vapours (e.g. sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride)
K Ammonia and derivatives
Hg Mercury vapour
P Particles, mists, fumes

Compatible with


CodeModelProtection classColorDownload
8011118BLS 202P3 R Downloads
8011109BLS 211A2 Downloads
8011205BLS 212AX Downloads
8011110BLS 213ABE1 Downloads
8011111BLS 214ABEK1 Downloads
8011112BLS 221A2P3 R Downloads
8011113BLS 222 (2)ABEK1P3 R Downloads
8011206BLS 225 (1)AXP3 NR Downloads
8011145BLS 226ABE1P3 R Downloads
8011133BLS 242 (3)ABE2 Downloads
8011114BLS 243 (3)ABEK2 Downloads
8011134BLS 244K2 Downloads
8011140BLS 253 (1)ABE2P3 R Downloads
8011141BLS 254 (1)ABEK2HgP3 R Downloads
8117008BLS 301 (4)P2 R Downloads


(1) questi filtri non possono essere usati con semimaschere perché il loro peso è maggiore di 300 g
(2) questi filtri sono testati contro l'acido fluoridrico
(3) questi filtri sono testati contro la formaldeide
(4) prefiltri polvere montati su 211, 213, 214, 243, 244

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